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Clarges Street is located in Mayfair, London [1] east of Half Moon Street. It runs north from Piccadilly opposite Green park. In the 18th. century aristocrats, gentry and the fashionable moved west to Mayfair. Clarges street consisted of town houses and apartments.

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Desolation Island"  follow.

In the Canon

7 Clarges Street is where Diana Villiers takes rooms on her return from America sometime after the events in HMS Surprise . It is here where Stephen Maturin goes in fervent hopes of rekindling their relationship, and where these hopes are dashed when he learns that Villiers has fled with Johnson back to America under a cloud of suspicion. [2]

Villiers is caught up in the suspicions that she is involved in the intelligence work of her acquaintance Louisa Wogan an American with connections to Harry Johnson. Wogan is detained and to be transported to Australia aboard the Leopard.


  1. The location is indicated on a period map in the London entry
  2. O’Brian. Patrick, ‘Desolation Island’, Omnibus Edition, Norton pg. 1605
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