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Errata of the five volume set

"The Complete Aubrey/Maturin Novels"

by Patrick O'brian

ISBN 0-393-06011-X

This is a project that I'm starting because I'm very frustrated with the editing of the five volume set. I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

If anyone wants help out I would welcome any inputs, use the discussion tab.

Try to stay away from from text that may just be characterizations, or archaic usages, blatant editorial errors first.

Book 1 - Master and Commander

Page 40, last line "pallas" should be capitalized.

Pg 57, Line 19 "Vertuesuse" should be italicized.

Pg 349, Line 17 "Amelia" would be italicized.

Pg 685, Line 9 "lid" should be "fid"

Pg 738, Line 32 "lat" should be "that"

Book 2 - Post Captain

Pg 810, Line 32 "comer" should be "corner".

Pg 858, Line 1 "lively" should be capitalized and italicized.

Book 3 - H.M.S. Surprise

Pg 888, Line 26 "Goldsmids" could be "Goldsmiths"

Pg 896, Line 21 "Blain" should have an e added to it.

Pg 1106, Line 4 "lively" should be capitalized and italicized.

Pg 1118, Line 36 "her" could be "here".

Pg 1164 , Line 21 "gajined" should be "gained"

Book 4 - The Mauritius Command

Pg 1353, Line 12 "though" should be "thought"

Pg 1447, Line 21 "carryon" should be two words "carry on"

Pg 1473, Line 5 "Ceylon" should be italicized.

Pg 1476, Line 26 "Bel/one" should be "Bellone", and italicized.

Pg 1479, Line 29 "arid" should be "and"

Pg 1486, Line 1 "carne" should be "came", mistake is repeated in line 5

Pg 1488, Line 20 "Iphigenia" should be italicized. Mistake repeated in line 22, on the next page, line 27, and again on Pg 1492, line 16

Pg 1518, Line 17 "seamart's" should be "seaman's"

Volume 2

Book 5 - Desolation Island

Pg 1580, Line 13 "buth" should be "both"

Pg 1669, Line 9 "Iamb" should be "lamb", L instead of i

Pg 1718, Line 28 "loth"? This is an alternate spelling of "loath", but that doesn't make sense contextually.

Pg 1720, Line 5 "bay" should be "bag"

Pg 1749, Line 30 "uopard" should be "Leopard", italicized.

Pg 1757, Line 26 "still" should be "skill"

Pg 1779, Line 24 "Theseus" should be italicized.

Pg 1829, Line 19 "tool!" should be "too!"

Pg 1831, Line 4 "cab lets" should be "cablet"

Pg 1873, Line 12 "a propos" should be "apropos"

Pg 1877, LIne 10 "aumsed" should be "amused"

Book 6 - The Fortune of War

Pg 1910, Line 35 "Java" should not be italicized.

Pg 1948, Line 3 "Chesapeake" should not be italicized.

Pg 1980, Line 11 "Leopard" should be plural, and not italicized.

Pg 2010, Line 21 "Chesapeake" should not be italicized

Pg 2134, Line 15 "Arcturus" should not be italicized.

Book 7 - The Surgeon's Mate

Pg 2398, Line "arc" should be "are"

Pg 2341, LIne 5 "what." should not have a period.

Pg 2454, Line 2 "tile" should be "the"

Pg 2455, Line 20 "sailor" should be "sail or"

Pg 2472, Line 27 "I n" should be "In"

Book 8 - The Ionian Mission

Pg 2602. Line 17 "arc" should be "are"

Pg 2770, Line 9 "starching" should be "searching"

Pg 2856, Line 34 "surprise" should be capitalized and italicized

Pg 2865, Line 30 "relics" should be "relies"

Pg 2906. Line 4 "cars" should be "ears"

Volume 3

The Reverse of the Medal

Pg 3589, Line 34 "|hesitated." No vertical bar in front.

Pg 3598, Line 15 "comer" should be "corner"

Pg 3750, Line 6 "carne" should be "came".

Pg 3797, Line 12 "hare" should be "have"

multiple repetitions of using the numeral 1 for the letter I.

The Letter of Marque

Pg 3894 Line 2 "ho" should be"he"

Pg 3912, Line 4 "pay" should be "day"

Volume 4

The Thirteen Gun Salute

Pg 4267, Line 30 "mort:" should be "more"

The Nutmeg of Consolation

The Truelove

Pg 4893, Line 6 "sailor" should be "sail or"

The Wine-Dark Sea

Pg 5181, Line 26 "like" should be "lie"

Pg 5181, Line 27 "glove" should be "give"

Pg 5324, Line 29 "Fava" should be "Java"

Pg 5337, Line 13 "shuts" should be "shots"

Volume 5

The Commodore

Pg 5467, Line 19 "I" should be deleted

Pg 5516, Line 10 and Line 17 "Fava" should be "Java"

Pg 5613, Line 18 "pot to" should be "potto"

Pg 5639, Line 11 "Fava" should be "Java"

The Yellow Admiral

Pg 5821, Line 6 "sailor" should be "sail or"

The Hundred Days

Pg 5931, Line 12 "Royal Sovereign" should be italicized

Pg 6157, Line 17 "sailor" should be "sail or"

Blue at the Mizzen

Pg 6342, Line 10 "holydeck" should be "holy deck"

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