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The French-built frigate Renommée was taken by the British near Madagascar and renamed HMS Java. She was rated as 38 guns but carried 47 guns and cannonades. She was under the command of Captain Harry Lambert in 1812.She sailed from Portsmith to Bombay delivering the newly appointed Governor, his staff and their baggage.

She met the American frigate USN Constitution of 44 guns off the coast of Brazil. The battle lasted for three hours on December 29, 1812. Although HMS Java was a new frigate and faster than the Constitution, her crew were less skilled at gunnery. After a brisk exchange of fire, the Java lost all her masts and the Constitution was able to place her self in a raking position. By this time Captain lambert had been mortally wounded and the Java's lieutenant surrendered the ship. She After the surrender she was deemed unfit for repair and subsequently burned, though her wheel was taken aboard the Constitution to replace the original one which had been destroyed in the battle. The Constitution was unable to continue with her cruise and returned to Boston.

In the Canon

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Fortune of War"  follow.

In The Fortune of War, Aubrey and Maturin are aboard the Java having been picked up following the loss of HMS Fleche. Although, Aubrey had served with Lambert in the Mauritius campaign, he does not appear to know him. Aubrey and his surviving crew help fight HMS Java during the battle and he is wounded and held as a prisoner of war while the Constitution sails back to Boston.

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