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June 7, 1813: Jack Aubrey attends funeral of James Lawrence (in historical fact, however, Lawrence was buried on June 8, two days after the Shannon reached Halifax). FOW: pages 30-32

  • June 12, 1813: HMS Nova Scotia departs from Halifax with official dispatch about Shannon’s victory. AHE
  • June 13, 1813: First day of packet Diligence out from Halifax, being pursued by the American privateer Liberty; Stephen Maturin receives a Great Auk. SM: pages 72-86
  • June 14, 1813: Privateer Liberty in pursuit of the packet Diligence. SM: page 87
  • June 15, 1813: Liberty continues pursuit of Diligence. SM: page 88
  • June 16, 1812: Privateer Liberty still chasing packet Diligence. SM: page 89
  • June 17, 1812: Liberty passes up rich merchantman prey in favor of continuing to chase Diligence, then strikes ice and sinks. SM: pages 90-93
  • June 18, 1815: Battle of Waterloo. AHE
  • June 24, 1801: HMS Sophie captured by Linois’s squadron. MAC: pages 366-377 AHE based on Lord Cochrane in HMS Speedy
  • June 25, **1813**: Scheduled date for hanging of Padeen Colman, until Jack Aubrey got sentence reduced to transportation (based on Stephen Maturin’s statement that the date was “when the Egyptian Copts so strangely celebrate Pontius Pilate” although the ancient Ethiopians celebrated Pilate on June 19). TGS: page 68
  • June 29, 1813: Packet Diligence reaches soundings off the English coast. SM: page 96
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