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One of two primary protagonists of the Aubrey-Maturin series--the other is Stephen Maturin, we meet Jack as a Lieutenant in Port Mahon, Minorca, in Master and Commander.

We first meet Jack Aubrey as a Royal Navy lieutenant at a concert at Governor's House in Port Mahon. He is described as "Between twenty and thirty whose big form overflowed his seat … with the silver medal of the Nile in his buttonhole … while his bright blue eyes, staring from what would have been a pink-a-white face if it had not been so deeply tanned gazed fixedly at the bow of the first violin." (Norton pg 7) He is nicknamed Goldilocks by his crew due to his long yellow hair.

Family background

Jack Aubrey is the oldest son of General Aubrey of Woolhampton in the County of Dorset. His family has been lords of the manor for generations.

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Highlights of his life and career as presented in the canon:

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