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James Dillon is Lieutenant to Jack Aubrey in Master and Commander.

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Master and Commander"  follow.



Dillon is appointed to HMS Sophie as lieutenant in place of the previous lieutenant, Mr Baldick, following Jack's appointment as Master and Commander. Dillon was previously a lieutenant aboard HMS Burford. Jack is pleased with appointment, describing Dillon as "an excellent fellow", describing how Dillon "distinguished himself very much in the Dart, a hired cutter". [1]

Relationships with other characters

Jack Aubrey

Dillon's relationship with Aubrey is always complicated, and often fraught. Dillon believes that Aubrey is overly interested in prize money above duty, and that he is "shy" - another way of describing cowardice.

Stephen Maturin

Dillon's relationship with Maturin is far more congenial, initially because they were previously acquainted, both being members of the United Irishmen. They share an Irish heritage, and also the Roman Catholic faith.


Dillon is killed in the Sophie's action with the Cacafuego, leading a boarding-party.


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