Lexicon:Quasi-calcification of the palmar aponeurosis

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Term: quasi-calcification of the palmar aponeurosis
References: Desolation Island, page 16
The Surgeon's Mate, page 150
The Hundred Days, pages 32, 200
Meaning: Also known as "Dupuytren's contracture," a flexion deformity of the hands caused by thickening of the fascia, or fibrous connective tissue, of the palm. The proliferation of connective tissue causes the tendons of one or more fingers to shorten and tighten, leaving the finger permanently flexed. Disability may be as slight as inability to extend the ring finger completely or as severe as complete curling of the hand into a closed fist. The contracture does not affect neighboring nerves and other structures. Dupuytren's contracture may be inherited or may occur as a symptom of scleroderma or rheumatoid arthritis.

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Maturin's Medicine — This article is based on information from Maturin's Medicine, compiled and edited by Kerry Webb, with the help of a number of contributors.

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