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Lord Clonfert is a character who appears in The Mauritius Command as an English naval officer. Clonfert is described as an Englishman whose family held an Irish peerage.

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Mauritius Command"  follow.

Clonfert first appears in The Mauritius Command as the Commander of the sloop Otter. He takes part in the successful action on La Reunion and is rewarded by Commodore Aubrey, who promotes Clonfert to the command of the post-ship Nereide.

O'Brian depicts Clonfert as showy dandy who is well-liked by his crew, but who struggles with self-consciousness and brooding over past disappointments. Clonfert has a tendency to exaggerate his past achievements.

Aubrey's relationship with Clonfert, who was once senior to Aubrey in the navy, is awkward and sometimes tense. They had served together as lieutenants in HMS Agememnon, where Clonfert's poor conduct during a cutting-out action against the French had caused Aubrey to silently question Clonfert's courage. Clonfert resented Aubrey's later successes, favor with the Admiralty, and promotion to post-rank ahead of him.

Clonfert is severely wounded in action later in The Mauritius Command. He eventually dies of his wounds after he suicidally removes his bandages and bleeds to death.

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