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The Ringle is a two masted topsail schooner, of the type known as a Baltimore clipper. Jack Aubrey won her from Heneage Dundas in a game of backgammon in the opening chapter of The Commodore. Like others of her type, she is a very fast sailer and can point much further into the wind than a square-rigged ship. She is used by Aubrey as a tender to his 74-gun ship HMS Bellona in The Commodore and The Yellow Admiral. The Ringle also appears in The Hundred Days and Blue at the Mizzen.

The Ringle is named after Ken Ringle, a Washington Post journalist who sent a book about Baltimore clippers to Patrick O'Brian in 1992 just before he wrote the final chapters of The Wine-Dark Sea. O'Brian was so grateful that he introduced the Ringle into the books and named it after the man who had introduced him to the type[1].


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