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The Ringle is a two masted schooner, of the type known as a Baltimore clipper. Jack Aubrey won her from Heneage Dundas in a game of backgammon at the end of The Wine-Dark Sea. Like others of her type, she is a very fast sailer and can point much further into the wind than a square-rigged ship. She is used by Aubrey as a tender to his 74-gun ship HMS Bellona in The Commodore and The Yellow Admiral. The Ringle also appears in [[The Hundred Days]] and Blue at the Mizzen.

The Ringle is named after Ken Ringle, a Washington Post journalist who sent a book about Baltimore clippers to Patrick O'Brian in 1992 just before he wrote the final chapters of The Wine-Dark Sea. O'Brian was so grateful that he intoduced the Ringle into the books and named it after the man who had introduced him to the type[1].


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