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Rum is a distilled spirit made from molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation followed by distillation. Rum mostly comes from in and around the Caribbean. The name rum is believed to come from either rumbullion meaning "uproar or tumult" or possibly the name of large drinking glasses in the 17th and 18th centuries which were called "rummers" from the Dutch word roemer.

Rum was probably first distilled on Barbados but production became widespread throughout the sugar growing islands of the Caribbean. The Royal Navy used to serve beer to the seamen in home waters and distilled spirits when in distant waters. After the capture of Jamaica in 1655, rum became the drink of choice. It was originally served neat but Admiral Vernon, known as "Old Grog", first ordered that the ration be diluted with water in 1740. The mixture was subsequently referred to as grog.

In the Canon

The daily rum ration is always served aboard Jack Aubrey's ships, which is deprecated by Stephen Maturin on a number of occasions,

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