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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Clarissa Oakes"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at Clarissa Oakes



Surprise in Pacific, Stephen recovered - Jack hipped - made game of by Selina Wesley - consults Stephen, not comforting - divisions - Easter Island described - Clarissa Harvill found in cable tier - Oakes owns up - Jack will put both ashore on Norfolk Island.


Norfolk Island - Bonden reports landing impossible - Jack cheers up - Éclair cutter, Jack tries to ignore her - trigonometry in gunroom, wasted on Stephen and Martin - Oakes and Clarissa married - cutter catches up in the night - mail for Surprise - ordered to Moahu - dinner with officers and Clarissa - Jack describes cutting out of Hermione - Clarissa well-behaved.


Diana's letters worrying, Brigid stupid, disagreements with Sophia - Stephen describes Clarissa, pleasant but implacable - consults Stephen, not pregnant - Jack, now landowner, offers parish to Martin - West and Davidge on bad terms - Clarissa disturbing all the officers, including Jack - swordfish caught, gunroom can have wedding feast.


Stephen dissects swordfish, in haste - royal salute - gunroom dinner, Davidge hurt - West describes Glorious First of June - Jack concerned at ill-feeling among officers - midshipman Reade over-indulges - all seems due to jealousy over Clarissa.


Cracking on for Moahu - Sarah and Emily useful in sickbay - Reade injured - reveals Clarissa being visited - Jack explains battening down - whaler sighted at Annamooka, Friendly Islands - Oakes beating Clarissa - Friendly Islanders come aboard with Captain of whaler - briefing on war in Moahu and Franklin privateer - whaler's surgeon, hydrophobia.


Jack briefs Stephen - watering and trading on Annamooka - quarrel over feeding pigs - Martin refuses to accompany Clarissa ashore - Stephen walks with her - Clarissa volunteers her history - incest, child abuse, Mother Abbott's - Ledward and Wray, and their Ducal friend.


Stephen writes to Blaine, asks protection for Clarissa - Martin, Dr Falconer's account of volcanoes - unseamanlike exit from Annamooka - Jack refuses Tom Pullings' invitation to gunroom dinner - Tom explains ill-will due to Clarissa - Jack rebukes West and Davidge - Clarissa's indifference to male nudity - Captain's dinner, the Oakeses well and happy - Clarissa melancholy afterwards.


Seven men flogged - Clarissa tells Stephen she was often raped - for her, kindness and sex not connected - Stephen and Martin go fishing, shark - heavy exercise for crew - Stephen advises Clarissa - helps Jack choose flying column, with tale of Finn MacCool - Clarissa watches gunnery exercise - Jack tells crew to disguise Surprise as whaler for attack at Moahu.


Pabay, northern Moahu - men off fighting Queen Puolani - Davidge and column run to cut off Frenchmen headed south - Davidge killed and all Frenchmen - Surprise hastens south to Eeahu - Stephen offers Clarissa safety in London - ambush set up for Kalahua's men - Oakes to take Truelove to Batavia with Clarissa - reception by Queen Puolani, she accepts King George (Jack)'s protection - battle in mountain cleft, massacre - cannibal feast with Puolani, Kalahua eaten - bed with Puolani - Oakes sails with Truelove, Surprise in pursuit of Franklin.

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