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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Fortune of War"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at The Fortune of War



Leopard docks in Pulo Batang - has discharged convicts at Botany Bay, got no help from Army command - Leopard reduced to transport - Jack reports to Admiral Drury - ordered home on HMS La Fléche - Stephen reports to Mr Wallis - American war imminent - Jack has bad news of Kimber's machinations - cricket against Cumberlands - Stephen, distracted by Wallis, plays brilliantly but wrong.


Stephen' specimens transferred to La Fléche - Captain Yorke - letter from Sophia - Diana passed on message from Louisa Wogan - Mr McLean helps with specimens - Simon's Town, news of American declaration of war - doldrums - McLean's pipe sets La Fléche on fire.


Leopards in open cutter - Indiaman sighted, ignores them - rescued by Java - glum wardroom, American victories - Constitution sighted, action, Jack hurt, Java strikes to Americans.


Jack, very ill, and Stephen on Constitution - papers read - Pontet-Canet and Dubreuil join in San Salvador for Boston - Jack under suspicion, exchange delayed - Asclepia hospital - Emperor of Mexico and other lunatics - Navy Department interview Jack, taken for lunatics - Louisa Wogan.


Stephen visits Michael Herapath, Louisa and baby Caroline - Jack studies shipping in Boston harbour - Stephen dines with George Herapath, recommends Michael as physician - Louisa thinks Jack wrote her poisoned papers - Johnson was implicated - Stephen warns Jack.


Stephen visits Johnson, talks of birds - visits Diana - he has fallen out of love - Jack recovering - Navy Department again, serious altercation - Stephen talks to Indian porter - operates with Dr Choate - dinner with Johnson, Diana, Michael Herapath, Louisa - Diana confides her misery, shows diamonds - Stephen suggests marriage - Johnson tries to recruit him.


Jack has seen Johnson - his indiscreet praise of Stephen - news of James Mowett - Jack talks of Philip Broke, Mrs Misery Broke - Dubreuil searches Stephen's room - Stephen arms with knife and pistols - attempted abduction by Pontet-Canet - Johnson offers protection and consultancy - Stephen loses way in Boston - pursued by Pontet-Canet - hides in Diana's bed - sends Diana for Michael Herapath and prisoners' agent - raids Johnson's study - finds diamonds and Diana's acceptance of marriage - Pontet-Canet raids study - Stephen cuts his throat - shoots Dubreuil - sends Herapath with message for Jack - explains to Diana need for escape.


Jack visits George Herapath, plans escape - laundry-basket, blackface - they inspect hiding-place on Arcturus - back to hotel, French going home - George Herapath panics - they walk to Arcturus - Jack takes fishing scow - Diana seasick - sails out to Shannon - dinner with Captain Broke - his handling of the ship and gunnery - better than Jack's.


Captain Broke asked to marry Stephen and Diana - he shows Jack letter of challenge to Chesapeake - taken by Captain Slocum - Chesapeake comes out - wedding postponed - Diana comfortable in forepeak - Stephen's love rekindles - action - Chesapeake strikes in 15 minutes - Broke badly wounded.

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