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A chapter by chapter look at The Ionian Mission

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Ionian Mission"  follow.


Chapter 1

Stephen and Diana's semi-detached marriage - Mrs Broad's view - Jack temporary Captain in Worcester on Toulon blockade - Stephen's packing, Diana's presents - Jagiello, Nathan, reception at Half Moon Street - Spithead, Stephen & co nearly miss tide in coach and four - Stephen welcomed in wardroom, with truffles - Tom Pullings explains problems of commission.

Chapter 2

Plymouth - pressed men, Jack's paper-work, manning - Jack and Stephen discuss subordination, Bach - firework gunpowder - seven parsons and Peter Calamy come aboard - unnatural and immoral philosophy - everlasting antimony pill - gundrill with fireworks - Worcester encounters Jemmapes - terrified by fireworks, Jack misjudges - Stephen wounded.

Chapter 3

Stephen convalescent, intolerant of visitors - Gibraltar - Stephen teases Prof Graham, who tries to recruit him to Intelligence - wardroom, Mowett's poetry, Stephen's facetiousness exposed, Graham offended - Port Mahon - Nathaniel Martin befriends Stephen - Lieut Somers rebuked - Martin prefers Navy to Grub Street - Stephen warns against tyranny of schoolmasters, authority in general - Jack visits Admiral Thornton, destroyed by blockading.

Chapter 4

Jack and Hen Dundas discuss Admiral Thornton - Mediterranean politics - tedium of blockade - Stephen invites Martin to attend court-martials - Calamy with bull-calf - Jack depressed by court-martials - Stephen and Harrington discuss Admiral Thornton - Lord Howe at First of June - dead Maltese clerk - Stephen visits Admiral - politics, medical examination, letters from Pashas - Martin witnesses hangings and floggings - squadron cruising off Toulon - Jack teaching trigonometry - Jack visits Admiral Mitchell, exercises in tops - succeeds with cur-tailed joke - firework powder aggravates hangover - Mitchell was flogged round fleet, Jack expects same.

Chapter 5

Handel's Messiah in Worcester - Harry Bennet loitering in Palermo - divisions, quails - Bennet dines with Jack - Jack misses girls - Somers insubordinate, exchanged for Rowan - Hamlet, Calamy is Polonius - Surprise joins squadron with post - Babbington, commanding Dryad - Fanny Harte, to marry Wray.

Chapter 6

Jack lonely, Stephen ashore in Spain - studies Old Bach's Partita II - brewing bad cold - Awkward Davis joins from Niobe - Harte gives Jack orders for Barka - Worcester and Dryad joined by Polyphemus with rhinoceros aboard - wardroom, Mowett and Rowan dispute about poetry - French are in Medina - Jack reluctant, point-of-honour fight - attacks Medina, French won't fire - Jack refuses to land Marines - no action.

Chapter 7

Jack defends his acts to Thornton - Harte's orders were wrong - Jack dissatisfied - Port Mahon, now Spanish - Stephen gone to Ciudadela - the Crown, amorous melting Mercedes - Stephen, not a moment to lose, spouse-breach - to be taken to planned meeting of agents - Jack offended - crew depressed - Stephen ashore, night on French coast - bittern - meeting with Leclerc - disorganization, confusion - Stephen rescues Graham.

Chapter 8

Jack and Admiral Thornton - Stephen defends Graham to Mr Allen, capitulation of Colombo - Graham not so proud, agrees to correct Rowan's verses - mumps, wardroom terrified, Graham declines invitation - dressing up for Messiah - Worcester suffering in her timbers - Surprise, the French are out! - chase to westward - Jack explains weather gage, again - Irish pennants - Stephen sleeps, wakes to heavy weather, changed wind - French decline battle, escape to Toulon - Worcester begins to break up.

Chapter 9

Worcester rejoins squadron - Jack visits Admiral again - Thornton dying - Jack ordered to Ionian Islands with Surprise - Jack visits Harte with Allen and Graham - politics, Kutali, Marga - Babbington in Dryad to go in company - Jack happy, back in Surprise, Killick's filthy temper - Bonden and Plaice discuss luck - poetry contest in wardroom, draw - Stephen takes swim in early morning - nearly causes loss of prize - Greek pirates - silver dollars and pieces of eight - Babbington rejoins, carrying thirty-eight women - Greek pirates killed by Mustapha.

Chapter 10

Mesenteron, no sign of Ismail - Graham on cowardice - negotiations with Ismail - Awkward Davis begged off flogging - passing for gentleman, Jack explains - Torgud and Kitabi sighted - Mustapha - 36-pounder guns on Torgud - Bonden talks to Ezekiel Evans - marble balls - Kutali - Father Andros describes situation and Sciahan Bey - visit to town, Ghegs, Tosks etc - Catholic Bishop - wooden guns in citadel - meal with Sciahan Bey, Jack declares alliance without consultation.

Chapter 11

Ropeway - Dryad sent to Kephallonia for guns - quarrel with Graham - gun transports held back by wind - wolf hunt - spotted eagles - rumour, Ismail appointed by Sultan - Jack's spirits low - deputations from Kutali - Graham sets off overland to Constantinople - returns with news, Mustapha has stolen the guns - Surprise sails to intercept Torgud in Corfu channel - action - Torgud boarded and sunk - Tom Pullings sabred on the face.

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