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[[Category:Book summary|Mauritius Command, The]][[Category:The Mauritius Command]]
[[Category:Book summary|Mauritius Command, The]][[Category:The Mauritius Command]]
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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Mauritius Command"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at The Mauritius Command



Jack and Sophia at Ashgrove Cottage with twins, Mrs Williams and Cecilia's daughter - Stephen visits - Jack's telescope - dinner at Crown - Lady Clonfert asks for lift to the Cape - Stephen must explain - Jack made commodore in Boadicea to counter French squadron in Indian Ocean.


Boadicea retakes Hyaena with snow Intrepid Fox - new crew needs working up - crosses Line - Lord Clonfert discussed.


Boadicea at Cape - French have taken Indiamen - half promises from Admiral Bertie - Stephen meets Captain Golovnin and McAdam - Bonden, flogged in Néréide, Killick - Clonfert's lieutenant turned off Boadicea - Jack is Commodore - Captains Pym, Corbett, Lord Clonfert - Jack and Stephen discuss Admiral Bertie, the captains, the French.


Squadron sails for Réunion - gunnery practice - Boadicea goes to Mauritius, Stephen goes ashore in Réunion from Wasp - Fortescue, albatross expert - intelligence of Réunion dispositions - Jack collects soldiers from Rodriguez - Col Keating cooperative - Clonfert sick - Réunion batteries taken, Caroline taken - French troops retreat, naval stores taken - Corbett sent back to Cape with Caroline, now Bourbonnaise - Clonfert made commander in Néréide.


Jack dines with Admiral and Governor - Stephen with Farquhar, petty serjeanty - aardvark - analysis of Clonfert, and of Jack - soldiers sluggish, chances missed - French take more Indiamen and frigates - Jack returns to Boadicea - Indiamen retaken - Stephen's gold - Mauritius blockaded - Clonfert quarrels with Pym - McAdam's diagnosis of Clonfert - Stephen ashore in Mauritius - hurricane.


French frigates out, British refitting, difficulties - sodden letters from Sophia - cappabar - reinforcements arrive - courts-martial - Clonfert goes too far -Stephen meets Pullings, now transport commander - Réunion attacked - Stephen negotiates surrender.


Decision to attack Mauritius at once - narrow channel guarded by Ile de la Passe - Stephen joins Néréide, nearly drowned, gets to know Clonfert - Pym, in command, takes battery - manatee/dugong/mermaid - Stephen and Clonfert ashore, Stephen subverting, Clonfert attacking at random - distasteful gunroom - dodo - French arrive - bungled action, all ships lost with Pym and Clonfert, badly wounded - Stephen escapes in launch.


Boadicea looks in at Ile de la Passe - store ship taken - skirmish with Venus and Manche, no action - Corbett arrives with Africaine - Iphigenia and Astrée disgracefully destroy Africaine - Staunch and Otter join, Iphigenia and Astrée decline action, Africaine retaken - Corbett killed, probably by own crew.


Corbett's death described - Colley trepanned - Stephen explains Jack's confidence - enemy action reported - Africaine volunteers join Boadicea - Stephen comes from aviso, falls in again - Venus and Victor take Bombay - Boadicea boards and takes Venus, Hamelin killed.


British squadron sails for Mauritius - joined by Admiral Bertie with huge force - Pullings brings news of birth of George Aubrey - supersession of Jack and Colonel Keating - Admiral Bertie disconcerted by Jack's complaisance - Stephen's misdirection - his despair - Mauritius surrenders - Clonfert suicides - dreary dinner at Government House - Jack sent home with dispatches.

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