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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Surgeon's Mate"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at The Surgeon's Mate



Shannon rapturously received in Halifax - Broke semi-conscious, James Lawrence killed - Stephen takes Johnson's papers to Major Beck, gets protection for Diana - no mail for Jack - Harte and Wray in Admiralty - funeral of Lawrence - ball at Admiral's, Stephen buys frock for Diana - Stephen invited to Paris - Stephen arranges marriage, Diana reluctant - he realises she is pregnant.


Admiral's ball, Amanda Smith captures Jack - Diana asks Stephen to interfere, he refuses - Jack finds his mail, worries about Kimber - Jack, Stephen, Diana ordered home in Diligence packet - Diana asks for abortion, Stephen refuses.


Diligence pursued by privateers - unexpectedly persistent, hired by Johnson - great auks on Banks - Liberty privateer runs on ice and sinks.


Celebrations in Portsmouth - Jack at Ashgrove Cottage, children, Bonden and Killick - Stephen and Jack go to London, discuss Kimber - Sophia has been staunch - Sir Joseph Blaine gets Johnson's papers - he explains Ponsich's mission to the Baltic - they discuss Stephen's visit to Paris, protection for Diana - Sir Joseph recommends lawyer for Jack.


Stephen visits Diana at Fortesque's with protection document -she unhappy, asks to come to Paris - Paris - he finds lodging for her with La Mothe - Jack visits General Aubrey, now wild Radical - Lt Grant spreading rumours - Amanda Smith writes, she is pregnant - Stephen pestered by agents provocateurs - he addresses Institut, fairly successful - news of Ponsich's failure and death - Stephen returns at once.


Stephen finds Jack reading Amanda's letters in secret - they discuss Grimsholm - go to London again - Jack confesses about Amanda to Stephen - Sir Joseph explains Grimsholm, Stephen to try again - En Ramon d'Ullastret, Jagiello - Jack at Admiralty - Waakzaamheid doubted because of James Grant - Jack appointed to Ariel - travels with Stephen and Jagiello to the Pool, turns out Captain Draper and guests, sails for Baltic exercising guns.


Ariel at sea, gets stores from convoy and Gothenburg - fired on in the Sound - eider ducks, Elsinore, Ophelia - [[James de Saumarez|Admiral Saumarez]] - Stephen's plan accepted.


Ariel loads wine and tobacco, pursues Danish cat - changes to Minnie privateer, joined by Humbug - Minnie aground, French officers killed in boat - pulled off - Stephen's Artemisia ruse - lousy clothes, pursuit into Grimsholm - Padri! Esteve! - Grimsholm changes sides.


Return to Carslcrona, dinner with Saumarez, hornpipe and sardana - return with merchant convoy - day-blink - Gentleman's Relish turned ashore - chronometer broken - troopships weather the Skaw, merchantmen turn back - fast run down Channel - Méduse and Jason off Brittany coast, Ariel damaged - embayed in Gripes Bay, ashore in Brittany.


Ullastret escapes - Duhamel takes Jack, Stephen, Jagiello to Paris - dysentery - Stephen apprehensive - the Temple, Rousseau, Mme Lehideux - Dr Fabre spreads the word - Jack works on privy - Jagiello on Madame.


Stephen taken for questioning, sees Diana in street - questioning gets nowhere, mention of Golconda - negotiation with Duhamel, Talleyrand - Amanda Smith married - Mme Lehideux provides pulleys - more questioning, Johnson appears - bee-hive cell - stones cleared from privy - d'Anglars and Duhamel take Jack, Stephen, Jagiello and Diana to Calais - Babbington in Oedipus marries Stephen and Diana.

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