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(Articles purpose and potential for expansion.)

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Syntax: There are several conventions for referring to the war between Britain and its American colonies, which tend to divide on the point of view and nationality of the author. Common examples are; The American Revolution, The American War of Independence, and The American Revolutionary War. As such there is a possibility for lack of clarity and confusion when referring to this war which resulted in the creation of the United States. This should not be a significant problem given that the events of the Canon do not encompass the American Revolutionary War. Nonetheless this could become problematic if/when the wiki becomes more comprehensive. As such, this contribution is to provide a base line reference for those articles citing that conflict. In the Wiki tradition, the community may obviously choose another convention if this does not serve.

Purpose: Closer analysis of the text will likely provide more and better examples of the Author's treatment of America. There are many favourable comparisons but I have not brought these togeather into a consistent argument or determined if they are balanced by negatives or contrasted to the British experience. O'Brian will have reasons for the American references found in his narratives which can be explored.

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