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I restored the sentence about the souring of relations in between Castille and Catalonia, it might be rephrased if you will, but Stephen would have been affected by this are are Catalonians still to this day. Actually, that was one of the points I meant to make, the feeling of injustice of Catalonians have is not so different of that the Irish do, an unfortunate coincidence in the case of Stephen. You drop that final phrase of the paragraph and it all goes to waste.

Which is not to say I don't appreciate all the corrections, which I do, thanks.

Satyam 22:17, 18 January 2009 (GMT)

DOMANOVA is not Catalonian

In Spain, everybody goes to the City Hall to register in whichever place they reside. Government resources are distributed according to that registration ('empadronamiento') instead of using regular census. Actually, this is a sort of continuous census.

The statistical office lets you find occurrences of any surname at If you type in Domanova which supposedly, is the Catalonian part of Stephen's last names, the error message (which is not translated in the English version of the site) says that it cannot provide distribution per province as there are less than 5 occurrences in the whole of the country, which includes zero occurrences as well.

Would this be relevant to mention?

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