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Aubrey & Broke; contrasting eras: It is clear that O'Brian wishes to draw a distinction between Aubrey and Broke. He clearly places Broke as of a somber, more constrained modern age. Aside from the noted references there are several less direct. At one point when examining the guns with their flint-locks, Aubrey suggests that slow-match should also be present as a back up. Aubrey comments " Besides, it is the old way; and I like the old ways as well as new." There are several references to Broke's earnestness and lack of ostentation; on commenting on the lack of decoration Broke remarks "we always were a very unostentatious ship, you know..." and when asked "Mayn't we have three ensigns, sir,like she has? No, said Broke. We have always been an unassuming ship."

On its face this reflects Broke's character, but given that O'Brian purposefully chooses to make the contrast and present it as the changing of era's, the question is whether there is a deeper significance or if the author simply wishes to mark this period as when the Royal Navy changed to its modern form ? --Sic Transit 18:25, 11 April 2009 (BST)

For this sort of analysis, you might want to see what the library papers have to say; if anything. This is one of those times when primary resources are best. I think this could shape to be a pretty interesting article on its own: How POB made the transition from the free rolling times to of Jack to the more staid, contained, gentleman represented by Broke. --LadyShelley 01:34, 14 April 2009 (BST)
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