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What is WikiPOBia? It uses the same software as Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia project which anyone can edit. It is intended to supply all those insights and background details which can so enhance your Patrick O'Brian reading experience. It may never be complete as O'Brian's life and work should provide any amount of material which will need explanation. We hope to capture as much as possible here.

To make this project work, we need everyone's help. Any registered member can edit WikiPOBia, you can add a whole article, clarify a paragraph, polish a sentence or fix a typo. However, one of the benefits of the Wiki approach is that no one person need achieve perfection but together we can approach it more closely. You can edit my words to make them clearer. You could find an error of fact in an article and correct it instead of merely fuming at the ignorance of the author. You can let everyone know the significance of Spotted Dog in the Canon. And then you can watch as other people take your words and improve on them to make the article even better.

It is important to be able to take correction as well as make corrections. If someone changes your gems of wisdom and can provide good sources for their changes, then you should be glad that you are better informed as a result of their actions. On the other hand if your sources say differently, don't get into an edit war, discuss the issue on the Talk page associated with every WikiPOBia page and come to an agreement.

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