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Below are common questions asked of the WikiPOBia staff. If the following does not help, be sure to check the Help page, along with the Rules and guidelines, Naming conventions and the Style manual.

If your question is still not answered, please post it to the talk page for the staff to see and respond. Chances are if you have this questions, other will, too.


Who is the WikiPOBia staff

The Wiki team are member of The Gunroom mailing list who volunteer their time to keeping the wiki software up to date and other technical aspects of running a large database. There are also several admins who police the wiki itself to ensure it's high quality of articles.

The current Wiki team is made up of:

John Blumel
Bill Nyden
Adam Quinan
Shelley Knepley

How do I ...

Start a new article

If you want to create an article there are two ways to do it.

When reading other articles, anything that shows up in red is an article waiting to be written. If you click on that red link, it will open up an edit box where you can add the new article information.

If there is no red link already established, use the search box. Type the title of the article you want to write (remember only the first word is capitalized unless there are proper names involved) and click the button marked "Go". This will bring up a search result screen that will say:

There is no page titled ":XYZ". You can create this page.

"Create this page" will again be a red link. Click the red link and then type up your new article.

Copy material from Wikipedia

While Wikipedia is an excellent resource, we do not want a carbon copy of Wikipedia articles in the WikiPOBia. Among other reasons:

  • the accuracy of articles may be in doubt
  • there may be licensing issues
  • the goal of WikiPOBia is to make it specific to the works of Patrick O'Brian.

Wikipedia can be used as a reference source, and Wikipedia articles can be quoted in small pieces (properly cited of course). Please refrain from whole sale copying of Wikipedia articles.

Fix something on a protected page

Most of the wiki documentation pages such as WikiPOBia:Rules and guidelines and the Main Page are "protected" pages in the wiki. The sysops did this to keep those pages from falling victim to internet vandals. If you have questions about the content on a protected page, or if you notice something in need of updating, please discuss this in the talk page associated with the protected page you are viewing. One of the wiki team members will reply to you there regarding your concerns.

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