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HMS Lively was a 38-gun frigate of the Royal Navy launched and commissioned in 1804. In October of the same year, under the command of Captain Sir Graham Hamond, she joined a squadron commanded by Graham Moore consisting of four frigates, which intercepted and captured a Spanish treasure fleet of four frigates carrying bullion from South America back to Spain, which was, at that time, neutral. The Spanish frigate Clara struck her colours to Lively.

In March 1805, she was attached to a military expedition to Italy. Lively escorted the fleet of transports to Malta.

On August 26 1810, while escorting another convoy to Malta, Lively ran aground on rocks near and was wrecked. No lives were lost.

In the Canon

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Post Captain"  follow.

In Post Captain, Aubrey assumes temporary command of the Lively while Captain Hammond is on leave to attend Parliament. In contrast to the actual history of Lively which was a very new ship, in the book, the ship has spent time in the East Indies and has a crack experienced crew. Aubrey takes the place of Captain Hammond during the incident with the Spanish treasure fleet and chases the Spanish frigate that fails to honour its surrender.

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