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Term: Aleppo button
References: The Hundred Days, page 96
Meaning: Boils or skin abscesses, a collection of pus localized deep in the skin, caused by staphylococcus aureas and may be associated with chills and fever; can also be caused by streptococcus. Hidradenitis suppurativa result from local inflammation of the sweat glands and appear in the armpits and groin. Apparently the "Aleppo" version was more serious, caused by staphylococcus, which also can cause a vicious inflammation of the skin that strips the outer skin layers off the body and leaves the under layers exposed, as in severe burns. There is a cutaneous version which usually heals itself, and a visceral form which if untreated, is fatal.

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Maturin's Medicine — This article is based on information from Maturin's Medicine, compiled and edited by Kerry Webb, with the help of a number of contributors.

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