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Term: wind-sail
References: The Thirteen-Gun Salute, page 285; Blue at the Mizzen, page 146;
Meaning: A sail positioned in such a way that it directed air below decks, in the Canon, this would typically be to the sick berth. While other sails or any canvas could be temporarily converted to the purpose, crafted wind-sails would be typically consist of a sewn column, open at the bottom, with an opening cut into one side at the top, often with the canvas of that opening cut to form wings to help funnel wind into the column. The top of the wind-sail would be made fast to an overhanging stay or spar and the whole rotated so that the opening faced into the breeze, producing breezes several degrees cooler than the air below decks.

Additional information

Maturin's Medicine — This article is based on information from Maturin's Medicine, compiled and edited by Kerry Webb, with the help of a number of contributors.

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