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Junior non-commissioned officer aboard Naval vessels. Essentially an apprentice officer, often brought aboard by the Captain as a favor to a fellow officer, family member or in exchange of patronage with some government official such as a Member of Parliament or House of Lords.

As a "young gentleman," a midshipman was usually from the upper or middle classes, though occasionally promising young seamen could be appointed as midshipmen by the captain. Despite their youth, they could command much older men in divisions. A midshipman spent his time learning as much seamanship, navigation and command presence as possible until he became old enough with sufficient time to be examined for Lieutenant.

In the Canon

The following is a list of midshipmen that have served with Jack Aubrey through his various commands:

William Babbington
George Lucock
Charles Ricketts
William Babbington
Callow (1)
William Church
Lee (1)
Lee (2)
Dick Richardson
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