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Definition from the Era

(The information in this section is from the 1771 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Please do not make edits to this section. Content is presented in its original form as to spelling and grammar use. This is what an educated person of Aubrey and Maturin's time would have known)

In maritime affairs, a vessel taken at sea from the enemies of a state, or from a pirate; and that either by a man of war, a privateer, etc. having a commission for that purpose. (M-Z pg 513)

Additional information

In the Canon

Throughout the canon, the taking of prizes plays a large role in the career of Jack Aubrey. Jack is given the nickname "Lucky Jack Aubrey" after his success in taking numerous prizes in the Mediterranean while in command of HMS Sophie. He makes, and later loses, several fortunes in prize money during his career thanks to actions where he takes enemy ships.

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