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Sophia Aubrey (née Williams), more usually known as Sophie, is the wife of Jack Aubrey. She first appears in Post Captain as the eldest of three spinster sisters who are neighbors of Jack and Stephen. "Sophia, the eldest, was a tall girl with wide-set grey eyes, a broad, smooth forehead, and a wonderful sweetness of expression – soft hair fair, inclining to gold: an exquisite skin."[1]

SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Post Captain and HMS Surprise"  follow.

Jack courts Sophie and pays attention to her cousin Diana Villiers through the progress of Post Captain; and continues to court her in HMS Surprise. They marry after the end of HMS Surprise.

Mrs Aubrey proves to be a competent manager of her husband's household and property,and has three children, the twins Fanny and Charlotte and a son George, born while Aubrey is away on the Mauritius Campaign.


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