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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "Treason's Harbour"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at Treason's Harbour



Beached officers in Valletta - Worcester and Surprise both in dock - Pullings made commander but no ship - Stephen and Graham discuss Rousseau - English noise and pomposity - chelengk - Lesueur and Giuseppe observe from Apothecaries' Tower - Lesueur explains Laura Fielding, Jack taking Italian lessons - new Governor stupid, Harte temporarily CiC - Sir Francis Ives now CiC on blockade - Andrew Wray to control Intelligence - Wray married to Fanny Harte, well off - Laura arrives without Ponto - Stephen realises she is after him - Jack introduces Pullings to Wray, Wray ingratiating - Pulling carried home - Bonden, Killick - Jack rescues Ponto from cistern.


Gossip about Jack and Laura - Ponto follows Jack - Surprises in debauched condition - trip to Gozo in boats - officers discuss Red Sea, Mubara - Jack's depressing visit to ex-Admiral Hartley - Stephen listening to plainsong, meets Wray - Wray meets Lesueur, who warns him against Stephen - Wray short of money.


Laura repulses Jack, kindly - Stephen's diving bell arrives - tried out from Edinburgh - Graham preparing for dinner party - warns Stephen of Lesueur - Stephen at Laura's concert - attempted seduction - Laura reveals French plot, Stephen considers poisoned chalice.


Ives and Sir Hildebrand at Government House - Graham ordered home, dinner ruined - Jack musters Surprises, summoned to Ives - Worcester condemned - Surprises ordered to Mubara - French bringing silver up Red Sea in galleys - Ramadan - Pocock and Stephen explain politics - diving bell carried on Dromedary - Nathaniel Martin joins unintentionally - Hairabedian - Stephen needs stitches in forehead - letters saying Diana misbehaving - slops, Surprises having sold their clothes - Stephen draws tooth - noise etc as anaesthetic - Hairabedian and Lord Byron - poetry recited - Spanish Ladies.


Martin's dismal sermon on vanities - landfall at Nile delta - Stephen warns there has been too much gossip - Hairabedian good swimmer - Turks ignore salute - shore party to visit Turkish commander, received by odabashi and Egyptian flies - Jack lent delightful horse, Yamina - Jack meditates on luck - Murad Bey friendly - tales of siege of Acre - jinns etc - Stephen's birdwatching was disappointing - Hairabedian introduces odabashi to warrant officers - social success - explains janissaries - jinns and ghouls.


Fast crossing to Suez (because of jinns) - chelengk lost in sand - diving bell carried on camels - Hairabedian stung by scorpion - ship ready but Turks missing, days' delay - Turks in no hurry, but galvanized by word of 5,000 purses - wind changed, can't move - heat - Egyptian wind, sandstorm - reckless rush down Gulf of Suez - landsmen comfortable below, chewing khat - wind dies at head of gulf - Hairabedian eaten by sharks - chelengk found in his box - Turks mistrust Jack - late at Mubara - galley sighted - tries to lure Niobe into Mubara Bay, sunk by single shot - Stephen and Martin go down in bell - lubberly knots almost destroy bell - Jack does better - chests full of lead - fishermen explain trap set by French.


Return to Suez, water short - Hassan's pride damaged - politics discussed with Dr Simaika - slow march to the Delta - Bedouin raid, supplies stolen - Tina deserted - return to Malta - Jack has to write report.


Jack reports to Ives - Surprise to be decommissioned - Stephen visits Laura Fielding - Charles Fielding's letter unconvincing, she in danger - letters, Diana now said to be sinning with Jagiello - from Blaine, reservations about Wray - meeting with Ives, Wray blames Hairabedian for the leak - Stephen prevaricates - skins Wray at piquet - meets Laura, gives her papers for Lesueur - her history - burglars raid Jack's room, repelled by Killick - Wray and Lesueur - no more cash for Wray - he loses much more to Stephen - generally believed Jack and Laura are lovers - Stephen pressures Wray to help Jack, Martin and Tom Pullings - Blackwater already lost - Laura tells Stephen of Adriatic mission - he plants another paper.


Convoy to Santa Maura - Ithaca bypassed, Ulysses no gentleman and no seaman - Jack hears of Blackwater - describes Marga action - Honey and Maitland, ready to pass for lieutenant - Kutali, hero's welcome - bear hunt - Trieste - Charles Fielding rescued by Nymphe - tale of his escape from Bitche - he has heard of Jack and Laura - Jack offers him passage to Malta, refused.


Strait of Otranto, Stephen plans extrication of Laura - gunroom dinner, Jack sad - verses on currant jelly - Dundas sighted, news - Harte and Ives part brass rags, Harte returning to England - Surprise chases French privateer down to Barbary Coast - Dryad gets to Malta first with news of Charles Fielding - Wray away in Sicily - Stephen at a stand, goes to Laura's - house empty - Lesueur and Boulay pick lock - Stephen eavesdrops - Jack gets orders for Mascara, unruly Dey - Harte to accompany in Pollux but stand off - Lesueur and Boulay leave, Laura arrives - Ponto dead, Giovanna sent away - Stephen takes her on board Surprise - Jack finds them in his cabin, rises to the occasion - happy passage to Zambra/Mascara - regrettable dinner in Pollux, Harte disagreeable - his unexpected charity - Zambra Bay, watering - Mars (80) and two French frigates ambush Pollux (60) - Pollux blows up - Jack runs one French frigate on the rocks, scrapes through to open sea - Stephen persuades Jack to run for Gibraltar and reinforcements.

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