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Thanks for this informative and entertaining page. I offer the following comments:

An essay by Himself (Black, Choleric & Married in Patrick O'Brian: Critical Essays and a Bibliography, edited by A. E. Cunningham) states that he typically wrote in longhand (in the mornings) and typed the text himself. "I write with pen and ink like a Christian, correct my manuscript at the end of the week, type it, correct the typescript, and when a chapter is finished I show it to my wife, whose comments I value most."

In "Themes and Motifs", third paragraph, '(which would have been unique in the Canon, "glimpses of the great" never having been manifested as part of the author's technique hitherto)', I note, except for Prince William, Duke of Clarence (crowned William IV of United Kingdom 1830). There may be others that have eluded me: It took me quite a while to smoke this one.

And, I agree that the itinerary is most confusing. Must we assume that "the cape" refers to Cabo de Hornos? Hardly somewhere one would sail from Buenos Aires...

--Polypagan 17:58, 18 May 2012 (UTC)

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