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Sam Panda is the natural son of Jack Aubrey and Sally M'puta, a South African woman. Born after Aubrey and his mother were separated, Panda was brought up by Roman Catholic missionaries in Africa and is a staunch Catholic with a vocation to rise in the Church. Panda bears a strong physical resemblance to Aubrey except that he is very black.

Panda visits Ashgrove Cottage on his way to Brazil where he meets Sophie Aubrey. He then encounters Aubrey by chance in Barbados at the opening of The Reverse of the Medal. Aubrey had no inkling of Panda's existence and is most perturbed to hear that he has already met Sophie who is inclined to be straitlaced. However, she later indicates that she likes Panda and does not refer to his relationship with Jack Aubrey.

Panda would normally be restricted to minor orders because he was a bastard, but Stephen Maturin uses his influence with senior Catholic officials to get him ordained a full priest. He moves to Peru where he becomes secretary to Vicar-General O'Higgins and is involved with Maturin's attempt to promote a pro-independence coup.

His next promotion is to be Papal Ambassador to Buenos Aires in 21: The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey where he also helps Aubrey.

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