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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Wine-Dark Sea"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at The Wine-Dark Sea



Chase leading to Peru - Franklin jettisons water and guns - Surprise loses mast, Reade overboard - Franklin out of sight - Jack praises West - gunroom dinner for Grainger - turning back to Moahu - sea looks very strange - volcanic eruption, like mortar fire.


Franklin in sight, dismasted - Dutourd asks for help - Stephen not recognised, deals with injured crew - Dutourd has no commission - West dead - Martin becoming tedious - Pullings to take Franklin to Callao with Sethians, Surprise keeps Knipperdollings.


Gunroom dinner, Vidal now second lieutenant, Dutourd popular - no politics at table - Martin has lost interest in birds - explains Knipperdollings to Jack - really Levellers - progress slow - Dutourd preaching - Martin increasingly isolated and depressed - Franklin repaired, better progress - Jack explains the Spanish Disturbance - Dutourd praises the music, wants to join in.


Franklin armed and watered - Dutourd intrusive - Pullings shows Stephen Franklin - Stephen reflects on change in Martin - and on dew - Vidal sings praises of Dutourd - Stephen sees Martin dosing himself - deduces his problem - arouses Dutourd's suspicion - discusses him with Jack - Jack calls Dutourd for account of gold and silver - Mons Turd's nose out of joint - Stephen discovers anatomical anomaly in frigate bird - Martin disagreeable - Stephen disparages Rousseau to Dutourd - gold and silver shared out.


Signs of whaler in the vicinity - whaler sighted, abandons boats and part of crew - taken, master killed by harpooner - Martin now very ill - Shelton, old Euryalus from whaler, tells of 32-gun French Alastor pirate/privateer hunting off Callao - Vidal takes whaler into Callao - Martin collapses, Stephen takes charge of him - no sign of syphilis - Franklin lost sight of - gunfire heard - Martin wakes, Stephen reassuring him - Jack boards Alastor, grappled by Franklin - fierce encounter, Jack knocked down and wounded.


Jack and Stephen in Franklin - Jack insists Stephen goes ashore - what to do with blacks taken from Alastor - Stephen asks Jack to keep Dutourd aboard - full sickbay - Martin admits to overdosing with corrosive sublimate - must be sent ashore, and then home, to recover - Stephen in Callao, meets old colleague, gets Martin place in homebound merchantman - Surprise heaved down - Sam Panda sends note to Alastor - Stephen leaves sickbay in charge of assistant from Franklin - meets Sam on road to Lima - Sam, now priest, passionate about slavery, helpful.


Sarah and Emily overawed by splendours of Lima - dinner with Father Sam, politics of Peru - Gayongos, Catalan merchant, arranges meetings - French mission described - Jack in Franklin, wounds healed except eye - divisions, Dutourd found missing, Vidal has smuggled him ashore - Jack takes launch into Callao - contrary winds.


General Hurtado an ally - other dignitaries - doubts about Governor Castro, but all going very well - Stephen climbs to San Pedro monastery - Father O'Higgins - Father Gomez's Quechua nephew Eduardo - news from Lima, Dutourd disturbing - Eduardo explains llamas - llama farm - Indians aloof, llamas hostile - puma and condors - more news, Dutourd taken by Spanish Inquisition|Inquisition]], French mission gone, but movement destroyed - Stephen must go to Chile with Eduardo.


Tom Pullings in Callao sights Franklin and prize - Father Sam anxious, Callao disturbed - sights launch, Jack and whole crew distressed - tows with skiff - Father Sam visits - Jack talks rather wild, New Testament Greek, Seven Sages - Sam gives news of Stephen - Stephen journeys over the puna - Capuchin monastery - Eduardo tells of Inca politics - quipu message, they must go to Arica by pass of Huechopillan - mountain sickness cured by coca - storm in the pass, llama dead, Stephen frostbitten.


Surprise off Valparaiso - Stephen comes off in balsa raft - news of American merchantmen now rounding the Horn - tells of his adventures, of the great Incas, of the Incas' golden chain - gunroom dinner, changes in Surprise's officers, lightning - the Horn, standing off and on - storm - merchantmen sighted - American frigate - Jack scrapes over the ice mountain - American icebound, Surprise escapes - lightning, mainmast and rudder gone - foremast opinions of luck - encounters Berenice, Hen Dundas and Philip Aubrey - exchange of news, Clarissa living with Diana.

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