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SPOILER WARNING:  Plot or ending details for "The Yellow Admiral"  follow.

A chapter by chapter look at The Yellow Admiral



Blaine explains Stephen to Mr Needham - Dutourd in Spain has denounced him, to be arrested when he calls in Corunna for his gold - last heard of in Aragon - Stephen waiting for Blaine in Shepherd Market - had lost receipt - all Maturins went to Catalonia with Clarissa - brings Blaine wonderful butterfly - now at Grapes with Sarah and Emily - Jack being noisy in the Commons - at Woolcombe with Sophia - trouble over prizes - he explains yellowing to Sophia - Ashgrove must be sold - Maturins arrive.


Jack and Stephen go shooting - both are strapped for money, Stephen's gold still held in Spain - talk of enclosures - Captain Griffiths - Jack will oppose in Parliamentary committee - he is lord of the manor - talks of Lammas Fair - Jack's Admiral on Brest blockade is Griffiths's uncle and also pro-enclosure - Heneage Dundas arrives with Philip Aubrey - Stephen isolated, gets to know village - Bonden in quarrel with Griffiths's gamekeeper.


Bonden explains the prize fight - Jack refuses bet with Griffiths - discusses Admiral Stranraer with Stephen, much at stake over enclosure - all men desert the house to see the mill - orders for Jack, Diana dissembles - Clarissa takes the message - the fight - Bonden thrown by pigtail and beaten - Jack posts to committee in London - common saved, Jack cheered in the village - Jack silences Sophia about Clarissa - Diana drives them to Torbay.


All ships have sailed from Torbay - Jack finds Ringle, rejoins Bellona - tells Admiral of enclosure failure - Admiral cross, sends Bellona to inshore squadron - tries to convert Stephen on benefits of enclosures - Stephen asks Jack about yellowing - has rendezvous with Chileans near Brest.


Brest Bay - Lieutenant Harding tells of Droits de l'Homme - left-handed midshipman Geoghegan, fine oboist - invited to play Mozart quartet with Jack and Stephen - gunnery practice - quartet satisfactory - boys skylarking, Geoghegan killed - Bernard, Catalan merchant, picked up in the bay - Stephen and Bernard go ashore.


Frigate Alexandria sighted - no mail - trigonometry lessons - Doris brings mail - Sophia has read Amanda's letters, leaving for Ashgrove - Briggs has run off with Mrs Williams friend - Jack reprimanded, two French frigates have slipped out - to join offshore squadron - reports to Admiral, no court martial but no leave - Bellona slips squadron in fog, takes Les Deux Freres privateer - Bellona damaged - Cawsand Bay - Jack rides to Woolcombe - Sophia turns him out.


Jack returns to inshore squadron - surveying submerged rocks - news of Stephen - he dines with Blaine in London - new initiative for Chilean independence - Jack's prospects, not good, Stranraer very hostile - Stephen exposes Diaz, Spanish agent - Diaz caught burgling Blaine's papers.


Chilean project favoured by The Committee - Stephen at The Grapes, Sarah and Emily thriving - goes to Diana at Woolcombe - hears of Aubreys' breach, Sophia weeping - Mrs Williams back with her tie-mate, Briggs in jail - Diana and Clarissa educating Sophia - she gives Stephen a note for Jack, Diana drives him to Torbay - Irish conversation with Padeen about his farm - Philip Aubrey takes Stephen to Admiral Stranraer, very sick, Stephen prescribes - Sophia's note cheers Jack up - blockade squadron depressed - Jack solvent from latest prizes - Stephen suggests Chilean expedition.


Dreary January in Brest Bay - Jack describes Eurotas's action against Clorinde - distant gunfire - two French 74s coming out, action against Aboukir and Ramillies - French run back - Admiral comes aboard Bellona, now healthy - good news of the war - Jack now favours Chilean project - gunroom dinner, depressed by prospect of peace.


Bonaparte abdicated, Bellona paid off - Jack and Stephen go to London to meet Chileans - Royal Society Club - Chileans come to the Grapes - Surprise to go to Chile while peace lasts - will take the women and children to Madeira - summer, autumn, winter, at Woolcombe - Lord Keith ignores Jack in Portsmouth - they sail, George Aubrey falls in love with Surprise - Funchal, met by the Chileans - Admiral Stranraer overdosing, in poor shape - letter from Keith, apologises for cut, Bonaparte escaped, Jack made Commodore.

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